Ron Erlih

In our daily life we find ourselves spending more and more moments online. These moments are at times emotional, others professional and social, just like in real life, but different, creating some sort of additional reality.

The works presented are trying to look at these moments and to understand the gap between them and the physical reality. Google’s Image Similarity, tweets from Twitter, and a lot of other online services which we use daily, are the tools used by the works in order to examine this "additional reality" they create, and how it defines us today as people.

The works presented in the exhibition are looking at us, and we are looking at them and at ourselves.  They operate as a mirror and mediate between the viewer and the data from the net, being relevant to the viewer personally and, in the same time, on a larger perspective, they provide us with information about our world, today and now, and what kind of experience it produces for us.