Daniel Tsal


     The exhibition is composed of 27 photographs, some of which are of very small sizes, and some are extremely large. Most of the photographs were created over the past year, during a work session with models from Israel and Germany. The show consists of works which range between staged and spontaneous photography. The work process in some of the photographs was a long one; however, even in this type of works, I always strive to find the documentary moment within the staged photograph and to "capture the moment" that also surfaces in the staged scene.
      The nature of my work with the models is very monotonous. After setting up their position on the set, I ask them to repeat a specific action again and again (dismantling a table and assembling it from scratch, sewing, shaving, etc…). Thus, I wish to dismantle the framework of staging and their exact placing, by letting them enter into the very action. This is how I try to create a beautiful and dramatic moment by the means of simple and daily actions. I'm not interested in catching a moment like photo-journalism would, but rather in capturing a moment of awareness, in which I depend on the model and on the attempt to catch an authentic moment in the context of the staged scene, which I planned in advance to the smallest detail. The tension between the planned and the moment that breaks it, is what I am interested in, and this is what I am always looking for, working with the models. What they bring into the picture, what can be revealed only in the moment itself, through the lens – the moments that I am looking for surprise me in a way that is difficult for me to describe in words, but are always present in the photographs that I finally choose to present.

     Some of my works aren't model-photographs. My works range between very direct, intimate photographs (of models most of the time), and abstract photographs which attempt to exceed the descriptive and go beyond it. The exhibition presents a number of the photographs, taken from my work from the past three years in which I have staged/documented flings and sexual encounters between strangers, alongside portraits, action photographs, abstracts photographs and still lives.

     I do not work in series. The relationship between the photographs presented in the exhibition is not narrative and the work process on each photograph has been separated from the other. However, the works presented are not completely separated from each other, in the tension created by their encounter.

Daniel Tsal, April 2014